The International Lawyers Network

The ILN is an association of high-quality mid-sized law firms, which operates to create a global platform in the provision of legal services, particularly for clients with international needs.

The International Lawyers Network

Where lawyers become friends.

The International Lawyers Network is an association of 91 high-quality, full-service law firms with over 5,000 lawyers worldwide. The Network provides clients with easily accessible legal services in 67 countries on six continents.

ILN in numbers :

5000 lawyers

91 law firms

67 countries


International Lawyers Network Events

International Lawyers Network Events

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International Lawyers Network Insights

International Lawyers Network Insights

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A Twitter List By @Lindsaygriffith

A Twitter List By @Lindsaygriffith

Guess what?? We're launching our new website next week - we can hardly believe it, we're so excited! Our Annual Conference attendees will get the first look and then we'll share it globally! Don't miss it!

ILN IP Insider: Can You Register a Copyright on a Work that Contains Material Generated by Artificial Intelligence?

“If you don't have a relationship or know the junior attorneys, you're much less likely to give them work
and it's not because they might not be good at it. It's because you don't know who they are.” Listen to the latest episode of our podcast.

“People don't understand what a patent gives you the right to do. It gives you the right to exclude others from making your invention. It does not prevent others from competing with you or doing things similar to your invention." Listen here:

“[Third-party funding] Patent litigation is a little bit of a gamble. I would think that good-quality patent cases will continue to get funding.” Hear more of what Alan has to say in the latest Law Firm ILN-telligence podcast episode!

“You learn the most from your failures than you do from the things that were easy. I can remember every bad argument I ever made in front of a judge. The good ones, I just remember as a win.” Learn more in the latest episode of our podcast

“One of the biggest problems we have in growing associates is we just don't give them enough opportunities. That's really a shame because they're missing out on these opportunities to develop their skills early.” Catch the latest episode of our podcast

“People are anxious. And the reason might be, or one of the reasons might be that we had very, very good economical years the last 20 years. And I think we realized in the last years that it cannot continue.” Listen to the latest episode of our podcast.

“It's very difficult to find young, capable lawyers. So, the market is still expanding, business is expanding, it's growing. And so, many law firms have the need to find younger professionals." Hear more in the latest episode of our podcast.

“When I started studying law, my idea was that I wanted to find a profession which would make me learn every day. And my dream was that every day is different from the day before.” Learn more in podcast episode