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Co-chaired by Olga Torres of Torres Law and Gil Rosen of Joseph Shem-Tov & Co., this group is completely focused on all aspects of cross-border commercial transactions. This is a wide-ranging subject that calls on many disciplines, some of which are covered by other specialty groups in the ILN. This group provides a forum for members to discuss issues that are unique for the group and will cooperate with the other specialty groups on related subjects that fall within their parameters. This group will also cooperate on the publication of articles, the holding of webinars and similar marketing activities that will be provided to members of the ILN and with the assistance of the ILN, will also be published outside of the ILN. The intention is to both strengthen the links and support for ILN members and increase external exposure for the groupís members.

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Committee Member(s)
Olga Torres, Co-Chair
Torres Law - Customs & Global Trade
Dallas, Texas USA
Telephone: (214) 295-8473
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