ILN Specialty Groups

The ILN Specialty Groups provide all member firms with the ability to pool their resources and take advantage of the tremendous strength and depth of their combined expertise. Under the leadership of the Speciality Group Committee Members, these groups provide the platform for enhanced communication, enabling all members to easily service the needs of their clients requiring advice on cross-border transactions.

Our Specialty Groups
Co-Chaired by Mitch Karsch of Davis+Gilbert LLP in New York and Pierre-Menno de Girard of Reinhart Marville Torre in Paris, the Corporate Group provides a platform for discussion among ILN members of Corporate Law matters in an international context, including mergers and acquisitions, commercial contracts and corporate governance, for a range of clients.

The Corporate Group meets regularly at ILN Annual and Regional Meetings to discuss issues of interest and recently released the seventh edition of their International Guide to Establishing a Business Entity.
Cybersecurity & Data Privacy
Co-chaired by Jim Giszczak of McDonald Hopkins and Stuart Gerson of Epstein Becker & Green, the Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Specialty Group provides an international platform for enhanced communication, enabling all of its members to easily service the needs of their clients requiring advice.

The group has a wealth of experience advising clients on best practices for data privacy, security, storage, and disposal, and specializes in coaching clients through the rapidly changing state, federal, international and industry privacy and breach notification laws. The lawyers in the ILN can provide client support during investigations by state and federal regulators, and they have significant experience in litigation prosecution and defense. They publish regularly on topics of interest on the ILN's Cybersecurity & Data Privacy LinkedIn Showcase Page. Stuart & Jim recently co-presented on Trends in Data Privacy & Cybersecurity.
The Energy Group brings together energy practitioners from around the world to discuss issues of mutual interest. The group services the legal needs of a wide range of clients in the energy industry around the world, addressing almost every kind of issue confronting the energy industry today.

The Energy Group publishes a collaborative newsletter, ILN-ergy, which shares articles on energy topics of interest around the world.
Estates & Trusts
The Estates and Trusts Group provides leadership and subject matter expertise on trends, best practices, and current regulatory and legal issues in trusts & estates matters, with the goal of helping ILN members to better serve their clients.

The group presented a two-part series on cross-border issues in estate law between the US and Canada: Part 1 - "Passport to Trusts & Estates: Canadian Issues for U.S. Estates" and Part 2 - "Passport to Trusts & Estates: U.S. Issues for Canadian Estates." They also provide updates on trusts & estates matters on their LinkedIn showcase page.

The group produces a collaborative newsletter - "ILN Estates International" - which shares articles on Trusts & Estates topics of interest around the world.
Intellectual Property
Headed by Eddie Powell of Fladgate LLP, London, and Colleen Spring Zimmerman of Fogler, Rubinoff LLP, Toronto, the Intellectual Property Group is a forum for discussion of legal issues, trends and best practices in intellectual property law, in a range of areas.

The group regularly meets at ILN Annual and Regional conferences, as well as hosting an annual lunch at the International Trademark Association's (INTA) Annual Meeting.

The group authors a collaborative blog, ILN IP Insider, which brings together IP practitioners from around the world to share their experience and expertise on the latest trends in IP law. Members also provide updates through the group's LinkedIn Showcase page.
International Commercial Transactions Specialty Group
Co-chaired by Olga Torres of Torres Law and Gil Rosen of Joseph Shem-Tov & Co., this group is completely focused on all aspects of cross-border commercial transactions. This is a wide-ranging subject that calls on many disciplines, some of which are covered by other specialty groups in the ILN. This group provides a forum for members to discuss issues that are unique for the group and will cooperate with the other specialty groups on related subjects that fall within their parameters. This group will also cooperate on the publication of articles, the holding of webinars and similar marketing activities that will be provided to members of the ILN and with the assistance of the ILN, will also be published outside of the ILN. The intention is to both strengthen the links and support for ILN members and increase external exposure for the groupís members.
Labor & Employment
Co-chaired by Marie Macdonald of Miller Samuel Hill Brown LLP, Glasgow and William Milani of Epstein Becker & Green in New York, New York, the Labor & Employment Group represents various perspectives of labor & employment law, committed to a balanced discussion of employment issues worldwide.

The group regularly meets during ILN Annual and Regional meetings for discussions on topics of common interest, and to make and renew relationships. They also produce a Labor & Employment newsletter which shares articles on relevant topics of interest around the world, which are collected on their LinkedIn page. The group has just announced the updated version of their collaborative paper on Sexual Harassment in the Workplace.
Chaired by Pat McCarthy of Howard & Howard in Detroit, Michigan, the Litigation Group is focused on the development of relationships through networking with ILN members with litigation expertise and sharing knowledge of industry trends and topics.

They meet regularly at ILN Annual and Regional Meetings and host calls on substantive topics for discussion, including the impact of privacy regulations on international discovery proceedings.
The ILN Marketing Group provides the platform for enhanced communication, enabling all of its members to service the needs of their law firms. Chaired by Jenn Smuts of Connolly Gallagher and Joanne Thorud of Davis Malm & D'Agostine, the group's members are focused on the following goals: Serving as a means of sharing knowledge and best practices among member firms; assisting the ILN Administration in its marketing efforts through suggestions/feedback and co-marketing opportunities; and serving as a resource to firms in the Network without marketing professionals or departments.

The group meets annually at the Legal Marketing Association conferences.
Medical Device and Drug Manufacturing Litigation
Chaired by Jessica Jensen of Ogden Murphy Wallace PLLC, the Medical Device & Drug Manufacturing Litigation Group is focused on building their relationships internally through face to face meetings, periodic conference calls and shared emails.
Real Estate
Chaired by Amy Fracassini of Davis, Malm & D'Agostine in Boston, Massachusetts, the Real Estate Group fosters relationships among practitioners in this area to support the making and receiving of referrals.

They recently released the fifthedition of their collaborative publication on the topic of how to purchase and sell real estate in their respective jurisdictions.
Restructuring & Insolvency
Co-chaired by Giorgio Cherubini of EXPLegal in Italy and Jeff Wisler of Connolly Gallagher LLP in Delaware, US, the Restructuring & Insolvency Group provides a platform for communication on current legal issues, best practices and trends in insolvency, restructuring and bankruptcy.

The group presented a panel on the "Twists and Turns in Dealing with Distressed Debt," and is currently growing their database of ILN members who specialize in insolvency. They recently published their first collaborative paper on the protections that may be granted by law or court decision/order to a debtor, who declares bankruptcy or negotiates a rehabilitation agreement with his creditors.
Tax Law
Co-chaired by Michael Donovan of Lewis Rice in St. Louis, Missouri, and Leen Hooites of PlasBossinade in the Netherlands, the International Tax Group brings together tax professionals from around the work to support the making and receiving of referrals.

The group members meet quarterly by conference call to discuss issues of mutual interest and publish a collaborative newsletter, which shares articles on tax topics of interest around the world.