Do we Deserve to Thrive…and not just Survive…at Work?

I’m fresh off of a 12-day whirlwind business trip.

I traveled 14,983 miles over 19 flights and 1 bus trip. I visited six countries (while transiting through a total of 11 countries). I didn’t get very much sleep or eat nearly enough. But I certainly accomplished the goals that I set out to when I planned this trip, even if I might not organize six flights for one day the next time around.

More than one person asked me if I had plans for time off when I returned, and while I took Monday off, I joked that there’s “no rest for the wicked” because we’re in the crunch period of the end of the year with a lot to accomplish before 2022 ends and for better or worse, all of that falls to yours truly. (more…)

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