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International Lawyers Network Members

International Lawyers Network Members

It’s Not Just About the Law
Legal mastery is critical but not enough. Even the best legal strategies must work in tandem with your business realities. Our industry focus and deep insight into the issues that drive your business enable us to provide solutions that make a difference.

Davis+Gilbert’s proactive, business-oriented approach stems from our long history of working with key industries not just as advocates but also as counselors. We helped guide the marketing communications ecosystem as it evolved from the early 20th century to today’s world of data, digital and social media. For many years, we have successfully applied that same see-around-corners vision and focus to real estate, financial services, hospitality, technology, and other service sector industries, becoming the firm of choice for the market leaders of today and tomorrow.

From our base in New York, we represent a diverse range of clients across the country and around the world.

Adding Value
When we commit to your legal work, we go all-in on your business. We immerse ourselves in the complexities of your operations, the dynamics of your industry, and the nuances of your culture – and we continually expand what we know.

This endless building of knowledge lets us share insights about what is happening in your industry. We’re able to discuss the key trends, enforcement practices, and strategic developments. We know about what is happening today and what will come tomorrow. Our holistic focus is one reason clients stay with us, decade after decade, as markets, technologies, and business models evolve.

Practical, Business-Focused Advice
Clients rely on us for information and advice that help them make informed decisions. We quantify risks that clarify not just the potential legal consequences but also the practical realities facing companies and their executive teams.

IQ Plus EQ
We know there’s no shortage of good lawyers out there. What sets us apart is our approach as personal counselors. We listen to and work closely with your people — up, down, and across the org chart. We go out of our way to understand your culture, your goals and what makes your company tick. Clients know we are right there in the trenches with them, fighting for their best interests and giving practical, relevant advice.

Legal Excellence Is the Cornerstone
Central to our work is our unyielding commitment to hiring and training lawyers with exceptional legal knowledge and skill. Many of our lawyers come to Davis+Gilbert with significant professional accomplishments at other prominent law firms and government entities or in corporate legal departments and executive suites. Others are homegrown lawyers who have risen to professional prominence through their training and experience here. All collaborate seamlessly to help our clients meet their goals.

A Clients-First Culture
Davis+Gilbert promotes a culture that is different — intentionally so — from firms that also serve high-profile, high-achieving businesses. We are a cohesive, collaborative team where, without the barriers and fiefdoms that can slow down service, we focus our energy and talent outward, on our clients.

Our main service areas include Advertising + Marketing, Benefits + Compensation, Corporate + Transactions, Insolvency + Finance, Intellectual Property + Media, Labor + Employment, Litigation + Dispute Resolution, Privacy + Data Security, Private Client Services, and Real Estate. For a complete list of services and industries, please visit www.dglaw.com.

Firm-Ranked Practice Areas:

  1. Corporate + Transactions
  2. Litigation + Dispute Resolution
  3. Advertising + Marketing (including Intellectual Property + Media)

Firm-Ranked Industry Areas:

  1. Advertising
  2. Consumer Brands
  3. Hospitality

Firm Contacts :

Michael Lasky
Michael Lasky

email : Send e-mail
telephone : +1 212.468.4849

Practice Groups:
Litigation + Dispute Resolution, Public Relations

ILN Specialty Groups:

Mitchell Karsch
Mitchell Karsch

email : Send e-mail
telephone : +1 212.468.4860

Practice Groups:
Corporate + Transactions

ILN Specialty Groups:

Office Locations

Office Contact

Office Contact

New York, New York, USA
(Main Location)

1675 Broadway
New York, New York 10019 USA

Telephone: +1 212 468 4800
Facsimile: +1 212 468 4888

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Michael Lasky Litigation + Dispute Resolution, Public Relations Send e-mail +1 212.468.4849 Download V-card
Mitchell Karsch Corporate + Transactions Send e-mail +1 212.468.4860 Download V-card

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